Henrik Alsterdal Barn

Henrik Alsterdal Barn:- Henrik works at After Five, and Anders works at Nyhetsmorgon throughout their working hours. This indicates that you do not come across them as frequently as you might anticipate. After the children have gained an understanding of what it means to be included in an image shared on social media, they will be able to decide for themselves how they would like to be included.

Henrik Alsterdal Barn
Henrik Alsterdal Barn

We now feel that individuals can legitimately claim ownership over their faces. Anders Pihlblad, 53, from Nyhetsmorgon, and Henrik Alsterdal, 41, from After Five, are both musicians who are now in their 50s. After Five plays both of them. According to the profile that was done on them for TV4, they have been together for the past 15 years.

At this very moment, Gothland is publishing an interview with the band. They discuss the circumstances around how they fell in love with one another as well as the reasons why they adore the island so much.

On a couple of occasions, I attempted to speak with Henrik. I did not get very far. But, if I’m being honest, I thought he was just passing through, said Anders Pihlblad to the newspaper.

They had been watching the same show on television for a considerable amount of time. Then, over the course of time, they gradually but surely started to sense something between the two of them. It was obvious that sparks flew in every direction when TV4 hosted a party with a masquerade theme.

The party had both swimwear and boats for guests to use. I was at the peak of my physical fitness at the time, and I commemorated the occasion by donning a costume inspired by the television show Baywatch. Anders went to the pre-party and had a conversation with Henrik before the main event. He admits to Hela Gotland that he had the audacity to speak with him.

After the party, they decided to start living together. They chose Mallorca as the location for their wedding in 2012, and it took place there. Two of their children visit them at their homes approximately once every two weeks.

The host couple has expressed interest in purchasing a vacation home on Gotland, which is where they travel to see their extended family on a regular basis. They are constantly hunting for items that are up for sale in the area.

It would have been wonderful to have a home for an extended period of time to call my own. Due to the fact that we are employed in television studios in Stockholm, it is difficult for us to permanently reside in Gotland. However, Henrik makes the point that “we genuinely want to be able to call this property our personal home.”

Henrik Alsterdal Barn
Henrik Alsterdal Barn

Your everyday activities, which will include puzzles and logistics, will be the same as those of the other families if you live with them. In the meantime, we think of enjoyable activities that we might enjoy together. When it comes to this topic, Anders will tell you that Henrik is his “twin spirit” if you ask him about it.

Before the pandemic, one of the things that gave us something to look forward to was the opportunity to travel to different locations. At the moment, the agenda includes going out to dinner and visiting my hometown of Norrkoping. Then you should both take each other by surprise.

It is done with great caution. They do not give any type of media attention the slightest bit of consideration either. Because of this, we have a slightly different perspective on what it is like to be a child, and they do not appear to be interested in spending time with us or in being seen or heard in the same way that we are.

As a result, the photographs that we place on them do not feature the individuals’ faces. In the article that was published in Hant, Henrik Alsterdal said that this was the case. When they finally tied the knot in 2012, it marked their 15th anniversary as a married pair. The couple is married, and both of them work for TV4, though in different newsrooms.

Anders attended the staff party, which had a nautical theme, dressed as a lifeguard in order to fit in. At the party that was held for the staff, Henrik attended dressed as a sailor. Because of this, their love story has been unfolding for as long as anyone can remember (which is a very long time).

People in Sweden are familiar with Henrik and Anders since they are well-known in the world of Swedish television. In spite of the fact that this is how most people do it, the parents have made the decision not to share photographs of their children on social media.

Therefore, they do not even want to be mentioned in the media at all. We are aware of this particular aspect of the feelings of youngsters. We are aware that they have no desire to take part in the discussion or to have their voices heard and seen in that capacity.

We do not show children their faces because they are not mature enough to comprehend why we are doing this. The text claims that Henrik then said something along the lines of, “They can remain nameless for the time being, and then we will know what they want in the future.”

Following a vacation in Vienna, the family has just gotten back home. If you were born on the day of your birthday, Henrik’s father handed him a plane ticket for a trip to Sweden from the nation where he was born. Followers have been able to see how things are going in Austria’s capital city by logging into their social media accounts.

Following their time in Vienna, the group traveled to Finland, where Henrik presented a slide exhibition of photographs he had taken of himself with the youngsters. The children’s faces are hidden in the picture, which is something that the children’s parents have recently said they like.

Henrik Alsterdal Barn
Henrik Alsterdal Barn

I like that you do not expose their faces; nonetheless, we are still able to remark that you have extremely nice children despite the fact that we cannot see their faces, “said one of the individuals who viewed the photo.”

It is not necessary for him to explain why the family does not share pictures of their children on social media because the information is already public. Even if they are at ease in their own environment, children do not wish to be the center of attention.

Children are seen in images only very infrequently, and when they are, their faces are typically obscured in order to safeguard their anonymity. People who watch TV profiles have most likely picked up on this detail already.framed.”

Efter en semester i Wien har familjen precis kommit hem. Om du föddes på din födelsedag gav Henriks pappa en flygbiljett för en resa till Sverige från landet där han föddes. Följare har kunnat se hur det går i Österrikes huvudstad genom att logga in på sina sociala mediekonton.

Efter sin tid i Wien reste gruppen till Finland, där Henrik presenterade en bildutställning med bilder han tagit av sig själv med ungdomarna. Barnens ansikten är gömda i bilden, vilket är något som barnens föräldrar nyligen har sagt att de gillar.

Jag gillar att du inte exponerar deras ansikten; ändå kan vi fortfarande notera att du har extremt trevliga barn trots att vi inte kan se deras ansikten, sa en av personerna som tittade på bilden.

Det är inte nödvändigt för honom att förklara varför familjen inte delar bilder på sina barn på sociala medier eftersom informationen redan är offentlig. Även om de trivs i sin egen miljö, vill barn inte stå i centrum för uppmärksamheten.

Barn ses på bilder endast mycket sällan, och när de är det, är deras ansikten vanligtvis mörka för att skydda deras anonymitet. Människor som tittar på tv-profiler har med största sannolikhet redan tagit upp denna detalj.